Learn how to remove your number from the telemarketing database!

Did you know that the fate of potential “telemarketer” victims a few months ago changed for the better? An important issue has been resolved, which is directly related to the sale of telephone services. The amendment of the Consumer Act of 25 December 2014 treats that each purchase or sale contract must have its written confirmation.

This minimizes the risk of a telephone deal that involves buying a product that we have not thought of. It will not prevent us from constantly begging us to sign such an offer, we can still receive invitations for pots shows or be encouraged to exchange phones for a better model.



What are the requirements for telemarketing companies? First of all, we should have our consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. Therefore, every time you call us with another attractive offer, we can ask the caller from which base comes our number.

This allows us to easily identify where we may have given such consent and to ask for it to be reversed. The situation in which the caller received our number from a third party must also indicate the source of this information. It turned out that our contact details were already reserved – what now? The complaint is lodged with the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection.


You have to know that companies often try to circumvent the rules and use various tricks to help them circumvent the rules. It may be for example that the source consultant asked for the source that the consultant would answer that he was selected by digital draw. In that case, the method that will allow us to fight is to request that the owner of that particular number be blocked and not be able to call us. You can ask for it during the interview, but it may be more effective to contact you in writing. The second method is better that it allows us to file a complaint in case of a re-contact, which we do not wish.

What are the immediate ways to deal with the problem? Most of this type of conversation is recorded, if we do not immediately agree with this fact, the consultant should speed up the conversation and do not harass us any more. Do not use time-wasting excuses – the telemarketer is about to try to call you again.
Stubborn phones can even balance the quietest person – we hope that our ways to deal with these types of situations will help you!