Easy ways to keep up with your downline sales and telemarketers.

Reserved number? Do the same!

Are you aware of the fact that most unsolicited marketing calls come from proprietary numbers? The simplest and most effective way to prevent connections from them is to deactivate your operator’s ability to receive calls from these types of numbers. Did you know that one request is enough? Are you worried that if a friend calls from a reserved address, he will not be able to contact you? Be quiet, he will hear a special message telling him that you do not receive any reserved calls without identifying the number. If the person who is interested in talking with you can calmly unlock the transparency of his number – the telemarketer will most likely not have this opportunity.
Red handset – a drug for all the evil?


Each of us is aware that the best solution in the event of an unwanted call will be a good thank you and no interest in the offer. Do not worry – the telemarketer hears several dozens of this kind of denial every day and he is accustomed to them. In addition, you need to know that they are most often billed for the number of calls made, so if you let him know you are not interested – you can both use it and save time. This solution only works on a temporary basis and another consultant may still try to make further calls, causing you to be upset.

Recording? No thanks. Who calls me?

Not everyone knows that practically all marketing calls must be recorded. This applies to the company being able to rely on a record of the conversation if the customer signs a contract. But it gives us a chance to finish the conversation well – even if it does not work well.


As soon as the telemarketer tells you to record a call, you should declare that you do not agree to such a call. After this information, the consultant is nothing else but to disconnect.


An application that can help.

If you are a happy smartphone owner, you can gain additional protection. Try one of the special apps that let you determine which numbers can connect to you and which to ignore. This is a comfortable solution because you can define ignore specific numbers or even groups of numbers (eg reserved). It’s not all – you can block unwanted sms too! Unfortunately, applications are only for new phones, so this stationary can still be attacked by intrusive consultants.