An unknown number is ringing – what to do?

Unwanted phones from unknown numbers know each of us. Should we receive calls from them? What if a friend calls you? In a situation where it actually will happen – a nice surprise awaits you, but there is nothing to cheat. Most often, the person calling you will be an intrusive telemarketer who plans to sell you a product or service that is usually not necessary for you. Telemarketer is not the worst option, you can call a telephone fraud or even an anonymous stalker. That’s why it’s better to learn ways to help you avoid unsafe situations on the part of telephone fraudsters.

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Let us quote the usual situation: our telephone rings, which we do – we hear, but we can not find it for nothing. Perhaps he hit the bottom of a woman’s handbag or was silenced because we are in an official meeting. However, when you hit your phone again, you see that you have missed a call. What are you doing with this fact? Most often you call back! It’s nothing bad – almost everyone does. However, it is worth finding out personally who is the sender of harassing phones. We recommend this solution because it is very dangerous to call back to unknown numbers and we can fall prey to real fraudsters. You will find out that you have been cheated by someone just after you receive a phone bill for a terribly high amount.


You can see for yourself that, after all, out of two, it’s better for someone from a marketing company to call us. Although these types of connections – especially frequent ones – can be annoying and very much – they are not that dangerous. We can only attempt a ill-considered purchase, which, however, we can later return in accordance with the law. Very often, marketing companies call from restricted numbers or those that are deceptively similar to regular telephone numbers. In other words – they do not stand out. This is what causes us to pick up the connection without reflection and we risk losing time or even money.

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You have no idea how to behave when your phone is being attacked from unknown numbers? We’ll tell you what to do! Above all, refrain from calling back – it can be dangerous, as we mentioned earlier. Is it difficult to ignore the growing calls? You can try a solution blocking a number or blocking calls from restricted numbers. The last resort will be a specially created portal for you, in which users share the insights regarding a given number and determine whether it is safe, neutral or dangerous.


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