An expensive call – when you do not call back

We are convinced that for a large part of the day your companion is a mobile phone – maybe it is with you even at night when you are asleep? We understand that habits are very strong and it is difficult for you to part with such a useful gadget – even for a moment. Especially that such a small device is nowadays able to replace even a computer with good parameters. If somebody thinks that the function of phones is mainly to call and send and receive messages – probably mistook the era. A mobile phone can be helpful every day, but more and more often it is also used for other purposes. What? I am talking about cheaters and phone fraudsters who are looking for their potential victims among telephone owners. You do not know what their activities are and how to protect them from them? It’s great that you’re reading this article – we’ll explain everything and give you the best practices.

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When attacks occur most often?


The first thing you should pay attention to is the time you receive calls. When can you expect cheating? Mostly I will do it in the middle of the night or at dawn. You do not know, that’s why these, and not other times? It’s simple – matchmakers expect that we will be sleepy and we will not associate that an unknown number calling us, which can be dangerous. We often just answer these times – this is what the con artist is all about. When we talk to a crook or listen to the dull sound in the handset – our bill is growing and growing. However, we will find out about it only when receiving a telephone invoice for this month.

What tricks do phone callers use?


How do matchstickers work? It’s nothing complicated – contrary to appearances. They make calls to random people and hope that we will call you back or simply pick you up. Despite the lack of awareness of who is the sender of the connection – we do it, exposing ourselves to danger and large unnecessary costs. Imagine that sometimes the cheater picks up, and the microphone still emits a signal tone – the call continues and our bill becomes bigger and bigger!


The most important thing is to be particularly vigilant – after all all friends are registered in our phone book. Any unknown number is the risk of a phonecall phone. Believe that it is much easier to be drawn by a cheater than in a lottery with prizes. You can also check an unknown number in a special search engine where users share their knowledge about the senders of unsolicited calls. Thanks to this solution, you can easily determine whether a given number is safe, neutral, or perhaps a cheater is using it?

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